• Internal Revenue Service

    • Tax Map
      A semantic database tool created to provide easy access in a centralized manner to tax law technical information.
    • Forms & Publications
      A constantly updated index of forms and publications put out by the IRS, with convenient search and access to previous years.
    • News & Announcements
      A listing of all recent press releases and other pieces of news from the IRS. Helpful to keep up to date with major changes in the tax code as well as timely notice of security issues.
    • Retirement Planning
      This site serves as the nexus of information regarding retirement and all official resources related to such from the IRS.


  • Maine Revenue Services

    • Forms & Publications
      All updated forms as published by the State of Maine, available for view and download.
    • Tax Alert
      Maine’s monthly alert regarding tax law changes and other information. View the most current alert at this page and sign up to have future updates emailed to you.


  • Other Government Resources

    • US Small Business Administration
      This federal agency assists small businesses with advice, advocacy, and several financial programs. The website contains information and connections to other resources for small business owners and managers.


  • News & Tools

    • Accounting Today
      The world’s leading source for accounting and tax news, offering newsletters, blogs, podcasts, and more.
    • Tax Term Glossary from Investopedia
      This listing of hundreds of common tax-related terms provides easy-to-understand breakdowns of concepts and systems along with practical examples.
    • College Savings Calculator
      With basic information about your financial situation, this tool provides guidance on saving for your family’s future education costs.
    • Amortization Calculator
      Input different interest rates, loan amounts, and mortgage length to estimate monthly payments and how much of each payment is against the principle versus interest.

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